Posted: July 31, 2017 in Life as I see it...
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It is in the Music that lies forgotten in my soul,

It erupts in the Moody rhythm of my dejected heart,

It lies in the Musings of my Muddled Mind,

It reverberates in the empty Minutes of the hours we talked for,

It finds voice in my Melancholic words,

It echoes in the word ‘Maa’ you so lovingly called me.

Alas, with you gone, your Memory is everywhere!

I didn’t realize what I was missing till you came along.. Now that you are gone, the vacuum is intimidating, the silence deafening.. I miss you.

  1. Vaishali says:


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  2. Epigrammatic piece of work…

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  3. such a small world two people at the same time at the same stage ☺

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  4. PARESH SHARMA says:

    👍👏 Nice poetic work !

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  5. नीरज सक्सेना says:

    अंतर्मन की व्यथा के सजीव चित्रण में दिल निकाल कर रख दिया है । महसूस होता है ।

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