Of Indifference & Love❤️

In a quest to get to the bottom of the indifference I, so frequently, see in people these days, I went back some years on the Facebook timelines of some of my more perplexing friends. I was so heartened to find normal college lives, camaraderie with friends, venting of emotions without hesitation, in some cases,Continue reading “Of Indifference & Love❤️”

Ethics & the Young

Halfway through E. R. Braithwaite’s modern classic- To Sir, With Love, I feel a sense of pride to be a part of the teaching community. The patience and perseverance of the protagonist,  in dealing with the ‘class’, is legendary.  I,  specifically,  feel attached to the scene where ‘Sir‘ decides to take matters in his ownContinue reading “Ethics & the Young”