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Tag: longing

❤️What if❤️

Lately, when I sit down and ponderI consistently wonder,How different it could all have beenHad I met you at a different stage, a different scene! It is said that there […]

Parts of you

The things you eat, the people you meet. The places you go, your music that flows… The way you swear, the moments you care.. I have YOU stored in these […]

⏳Borrowed Minutes⌛

Last evening talking to a dear dear friend, I spoke a phrase "Borrowed Minutes" and it got stuck in my mind.. I normally don't rhyme but this is a fictional offering where the words just synced together to create a poem. I wanted to convey the emptiness that people feel when sons & daughters, friends & family, drift away, lured by other relationships..


​💫 Our fingerprints do not fade away from the lives we have touched.💫 Wasn’t it J. K. Rowling who made the word ALWAYS mean much more than the Queen’s language […]