❤️A Free Verse❤️

‘I wish we could love in moderation’, Said her best friend. She was reminded of her sister’s wordsFrom a few months ago.‘If only you could hate that one lessAnd love this one with boundaries, You would be happy.’ It wasn’t in her to dilute her emotions.The love, the hate, the compassion, the fearEverything ate atContinue reading “❤️A Free Verse❤️”

⏳Borrowed Minutes⌛

Last evening talking to a dear dear friend, I spoke a phrase “Borrowed Minutes” and it got stuck in my mind.. I normally don’t rhyme but this is a fictional offering where the words just synced together to create a poem. I wanted to convey the emptiness that people feel when sons & daughters, friends & family, drift away, lured by other relationships..


​💫 Our fingerprints do not fade away from the lives we have touched.💫 Wasn’t it J. K. Rowling who made the word ALWAYS mean much more than the Queen’s language could ever convey?  This simple word containing two miniscule syllables came to denote a plethora of emotions. It became a symbol of undying love. ItContinue reading “✨Always✨”