“Welcome To Wherever You Are”

It was just that sort of a day when you need to remind yourself of who you are and what your core is made of. Actually, it’s been a series of such days end on end. Being a bibliophile, I try and find answers in the written word. For me, there is nothing that aContinue reading ““Welcome To Wherever You Are””


An ambiguous title, I agree!! But it was infact, A Crack that inspired me to crack open the mystery of my mind and take a crack at unravelling what turbulence lay beneath the presumably calm and quiet disposition that I portray despite being perturbed to the very core. Last night, I was deranged to theContinue reading “✨Crack✨”

Of Hope & Despair… 

For days now, it has been on my mind. Infact it is the only thing on my mind for the past couple of months. Like other things negative, I thought this too shall pass and probably it would but right now it is getting worse. I know that people who care about me might wantContinue reading “Of Hope & Despair… “