🦸‍♀️All in a day’s work 👨‍⚕️

Life has been good. God has been kind! True, there are ups and downs in any life. One may be the tiniest of insects and face challenges or the king of the jungle and yet life may not be smooth. We, as humans, have more faculty to deal with problems that come our way becauseContinue reading “🦸‍♀️All in a day’s work 👨‍⚕️”

💫A Happy New Year💫

There are chants and wishes for a Happy New year today wherever we go.. There are celebrations galore.. There are hopes, dreams, aspirations & resolutions even for those who don’t or won’t party the night out to ring in the New Year.. And why not!! Do these changing dates on the calendar not fill usContinue reading “💫A Happy New Year💫”