Are we ANNA?

The entire nation is engulfed today in  an anti- corruption mood… a mass movement of this proportion had never been thought of in independent man ANNA HAZARE has managed to accomplish something that the collective might of political parties and our elected representatives had failed so far to do…to bring India together like this on one issue is indeed a commendable feat..his lack of political ambition and self less devotion to a larger good has led us to compare Anna with Bapu… we in India had come to believe that mass movements like this are just subject matters of textbooks…not any more… nevertheless, riding high on wave ANNA and in their eagerness to play a part in the first ever mass movement post independence, Indians have, however, overlooked one tiny problem-the issue,which is still CORRUPTION…with a war cry of “I AM ANNA” or “main ANNA hoon”, are we to believe that the entire nation is a group of innocent, system tired individuals who have never indulged in corruption at any point of time… even if we exclude people who have bribed more than once, unwillingly, due to the system,we will still find that most people standing in ANNA’s favour today are the very same who have shamelessly accepted bribes or favors or misused their positions in one way or the other…. can we, then, put all the blame on the elected few and consider our duty done?? can we ever refrain from government bashing?? it isn’t the government’s pleasure to deny the demands of an indefinite fast and public meeting to ANNA and his followers,it is their duty,entrusted to them by us, to maintain law & order in the nation…can anyone guarantee that in a country so full of contradictions and volatile temperaments,a public meeting will not turn violent?? is the government then wrong in putting the restrictions that we are so vehemently opposing today?? what we are witnessing today is ANNARCHY… people who don’t even realise the true import of ANNA’s demands are behind him today,displaying once again our allegiance to MOBOCRACY, a tendency that our democracy has taken to, over the years….should ANNA not,in the true spirit of gandhigiri, implore his followers today to analyse & examine their actions too before they can usurp the right to criticise the system & the government?? can a system be corrupt without its individual units being so??  And who makes the system if not the people?? By all means SUPPORT ANNA but question the system only if you have never faulted on corruption in the past or have vowed never to indulge in it in future… all said and done we are in a dire need of bills such as Lokpal to make our democracy function as it was meant to… but what we REALLY need today are good,sincere and honest citizens who can peep into their conscience and not feel guilty or shame faced about anything that has transpired through them for the Nation…we might not be ANNA today but we certainly hope to become HIM someday…

A man is what time makes him…..

A tight corner in life or any hardship which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. A man after all, is the outcome of his circumstances.Today dad got talking about his childhood and his beginnings. There is so much to be learnt from the lives of our elders. I feel the thing that is missing in us, the younger generation, is a sense of belonging. We hardly realise where we come from,our ROOTS so to say. Successful, popular and well known that he is, my dad still remembers the suffering,struggle and sacrifice of his elder siblings and love &  care of relatives and other people in his village,though he was still a kid when all that happened. It’s  heart warming and inspiring to know that he remembers, cares and is deeply concerned for the kith n kin of all those who were there for him when he, a sick motherless toddler,wanted care. Times have changed bringing with them prosperity and every luxury that money can afford but dad,simpleton that he is, still values people more than the conveniences of life. Nearly half a century after he saw his elder sister,a motherless teen herself,looking after him and his two younger siblings,he is still moved to tears recalling her unspoken anguish at being served a raw deal by fate, her own childhood burnt to cinders in the fire of the hearth. He recalls the silent yet determined presence of his young uncle at his bed side when he was suffering from an acute bout of small pox and how his resilience and belief nursed my dad back to health. He remembers how his maternal grandpa took them all under his wing once his mother passed away. The dismal picture of poverty and want that dad paints, is beyond imagination. Today he is, what he is, as a result of the hardships that he has experienced. The strength of his character shines as he has waded the troubled waters of life and come up on merit, still never forgetting the past. The indelible imprint of time makes him my ideal.

Man- an island..

I vividly remember a phrase I had read way back in my childhood in a book or a journal, I don’t remember which, but one which has stayed with me ever since… “He had become an ISLAND”…the metaphorical import of these words was lost on me. Now at this stage in my life I understand every syllable of it. There comes a time in our lives when we become islands, all of us. Its when either age stands in our way of understanding the new trends of the world or when we confine ourselves to what we once were, unable or unwilling to accept what we have become now. This is same as ignorance is bliss like what people think of me and my attitude is their problem not mine kind of philosophy. As islands can’t survive all alone, men can’t too. We need human company to survive and for that we have to accept the realities of our world. Live and let others live.
This feeling of seclusion is worst when it creeps into our lives in the most intimate fashion. Distances between husband- wives, parents-children,siblings,friends. The silence hurts and damages beautiful relationships irreparably.
Don”t be the harbinger of this kind of living hell. Learn to love and share. If u have to be something, be a river which moves tirelessly and joins the all consuming sea losing its identity for love…. CEASE BEING AN ISLAND…

frailty thy name is….MAN

It’s surprising to see how fast a person retreats into one’s inner cocoon when faced with the harsh realities of life. Nothing breaks a spirit like LONELINESS. This is true for all humans. We are weak by nature. Only our inner self has that store house of courage which shows us the way even in the darkest hours of our lives. Not everyone is strong or patient enough to extract that which is latent in us. It is amusing to note that we need the support of our fellow humans, be it in the capacity of friends,family or spouse, to play this game called life,at every step,on all occasions,every moment. We can’t be alone. Even those who are seemingly strong are so due to the support of their loved ones. All said and done, the basic attribute of MAN is frailty…..


People say that MOTHERHOOD completes a woman. I had never thought I would come to believe something as basic as that. I have seen so many births in the family that they have stopped affecting me. Infact I don’t remember ever being moved by the feeling of bringing a new life into this world.

For me,  it has always  been routine. One of those things that exists and has minimum impact on me or how I live. It was so,  till this morning.  Then,  my sister gave birth to a baby boy.

I won’t  go as far as saying that it changed my perspective or vision but indeed it gave me an insight on selfless love. For ages now,  I have been using the word EXHILARATED….without actually knowing how it feels to be so. Today I got lucky to sense this emotion too. Ofcourse i couldn’t understand why my heart was palpitating so much or why my breath couldn’t settle for a long time after I heard the nurse break the news to the family but now nearly 12 hours after it all happened, I am grateful that I have lived to experience something as pure and moving as this.

I couldn’t help but notice that sharing the good news with someone who is completely there with you makes it all the more special and easier to digest. I, unfortunately, did not have anyone to share what I felt. So I am pouring my heart out  here for all to read.

may god be kind enuf to provide all around me wid such special pleasures nd most importantly PEOPLE to share them wid….. AMEN


It kills to realise that something one has put a lot of effort in, is lost. Today I was fortunate enough to judge a declamation contest in which,though the speakers were not very inspiring, one topic caught my attention. Take care of the small things in life and the big things will all fall into place on their own. The speaker went about citing examples from everyday life. Say an obese person trying to get into shape has to make small efforts to achieve what at the onset might look a mammoth task. I know and realise that all this is right and has to be done to maintain a semblance of normalcy but how would you explain it to some one who has invested say,  all her life in building up a dream and then watched it shatter in front of her eyes?There are people who live through worse circumstances in life and survive beautifully. Such people are exemplary. But does the pain of loss ever die? You may move ahead but it remains with you wherever you go,whatever you do. I don’t understand how the philosophy of taking care of small things apply in this case. I am clueless how to deal with a loss. For some it may be a natural trick of survival, I guess I am slow there…


it is said that life teaches you at every stage.we r learners all our lives…one learns to live with the trials nd turbulences of our being but what is difficult to overcome is the SOLITUDE.. it is difficult to find some1 who can be considered your soulmate…..not all soulmates turn out to b together for life…what happens once such a soulmate leaves your life??????
difficult to think nd more so to cope up with….u may b distracted with time..but does dat pain ever die away????? somebody sent me an interesting msg which goes like dis—-

i hv seen castles made out of sand, met ppl who believe

dat destiny is engraved on d palm of their hands…
i hv seen ppl change their faith,

xperienced love which turns into hate…
i hv seen ppl grow younger with age,

 and a bird who wont fly out of an open cage….
i hv seen love sold for money,
ppl who r devastated inside but outside they r funny…..
i hv seen a unicorn fall in love with a toad,
ppl who owned half the city hv now hit d road…
i hv learnt to xpect d unxpected,
perfection doesnt exist,we all r born defected…
everyone cries,some just hide their tears,
they say coal turns into diamond over a thousand years…
for some u r just another nobody in a million,
but 4 someone u r one in a million…

wat if dat one in a million goes away??????

speaking from xperience…. life never comes to a stand goes on.. and we learn to love it once again… solitude is not natural…it may b there for a stretched period of tym but doesnt last forever… nothing lasts forever…… change is d rule of life.. nd life is for d living… i know its a disoriented piece of writing …. i just dont want to miss on any of my emotions

whose fault is it anywaz………

crumbling edifice
crumbling edifice....

nothing is sadder than witnessing d fall of a titan….
painstakingly built,it is unnerving to c an establishment crumbling down to dust….in d figurative sense ofcourse.
i sat about pondering over its sad demise today…and unsurprisingly i realised dat d answer was right in front of us all d tym but we failed to c …as we failed to realise our own contribution in its disintegration…
feudal ideology was not widout essence u c… wen monarchs ruled they took advise from their ministers..a king who failed to win d loyalty of his subordinates and subjects,couldnt make an impression on history..d same stands true for today’s tym too… a leader shud b able to judge who his/her assets r…ppl who wud gladly give up nything to fulfill ur wishes nd commands,need to b appreciated nd recognised…they need to b told hw important they r…a leader has to open his eyes nd judge 4 himself….
d fate of an institution depends on sound leadership…only being a wonderful human being wont suffice…. i m not a management guru but this little mantra of survival might save my empire (i m merely a subject of d empire) from d doom it is headed for….. Amen


if we r born as humans we r sure to hv some qualities and some weak points…..every human has been accorded a chance to build upon whichever side he/she feels comfortable wid…we very often fall into d trap of pumping d wrong side of our personality…it is a human failing which is quite common but then again u dont need to be a super human to c d brighter side of ur character nd flaunt dat to d world…i hv seen ppl around me who r not extraordinary by birth but their clear vision,set principles,flexible beliefs,sweet nature and most importantly d power to read nd understand themselves make them successful in watever they do..they r liked by others…seen as a source of inspiration by many and wat is more important is dat they dont have to strive to be happy or look for reasons to is their reason for pleasure.. its not dat turmoils dont hit them but they take them in their stride…for them it is true ‘can victory be as sweet wen we hv had no failures’…positive thinking comes easily to them…they dont hv to train their minds around the various phases of grows nd they flow along with it… in d end it all comes down to the choices we make in life… let us choose to b happy nd develop a caring attitude for ppl who hv alwayz been there in our lives, loving us inspite of all our shortcomings.. let me value those who value nd love me beyond any reason….today nd forever


i hv not gone nd thrown my sense of English to trash wid d kind of title u read…my piece today deals wid d various characters one comes across thru d day…….dis is specially true for ppl who hv d chance to interact wid loads of ppl in their wrksphere..
interesting to note,if we pay attention,dat nearly all human specimen are full of contradictions…. i hv never ever come across a person who wud say , ‘ fyn dis is my mistake.’ widout providing xplanations as to y he/she was forced to act in a certain way… we r never ever wrong..wat is wrong is others’ perception of us…….. we all hv separate set of rules for ny1 other than our gud selves… its amazing how and why ppl quarrel and confront each other wen d basic style of thinking nd reacting is d same….. we often c dat a criminal understands nd vouches for others involved in crime,a student understnds d pressures of other students no matter where they study, an employee sympathises wid d grievance of workers everywhere yet we fail to unite under our common identity – HUMANITY……..

new day

it is yet another day…optimists wud insist on it being a new day..
i on my part m glad to hv lived to c one more.
it is difficult to sort out d numerous thots going around in my head right now..its such a jumble..i wud need a lot of practice to be able to sound coherent in my blogs..
specially wen i intend writing to b my catharsis..
yesterday’s incident had me thinking…
mine is not d biggest problem in d world
ppl do survive worse hits too…
mom always say, u cant die of disappointments nd while u r breathing its alwayz gud to live it up rather than drag it down……
so advice taken atleast for today
no more long faces…..
i hv work to do…
i think dis wud work for me

the uncertainty of life

it is indeed a difficult subject to take up right at d beginning of my blogging life but my day today led me to open my eyes to d uncertainty of human life…
dis mrng wen i reached my school,its where i teach,i found my colleagues discussing d accidental death of a family.. what made it all d more heart breaking was d fact dat one of our students (ours is a residential scul) had visitors dis sunday.. her parents nd brother had come to visit her.. 15 mins after they left her in d campus they met with a fatal accident…all of them died a sudden nd terrible death… little did the child realise dat her parents wud never laugh wid her again, dat her brother wud never tease her and never wud she experience dat unbinding love ever again……

nd to think dat last night i was worried about something as irrelevant to living as a lost boyfren…..
wish i cud do something to relieve her of her pain….

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