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Category: Life as I see it…

My pieces aim at sharing what I come across in daily life.. the events and happenings that stir, make or break me in addition to having an indelible impact on my mind.

Mundane, but that’s Life 🙆‍♀️

Where does one gowhen one loses the only ‘go to’ they have? In a shocking and upsetting development,I lost my will to read yesterday. Too overwhelmed by words, Inundated by […]


How many times have you asked me-‘Almost there’, where!! How many times have you read my inkwith this rhetorical question in your tone!! How many times have you implied that […]

❤️A Free Verse❤️

‘I wish we could love in moderation’, Said her best friend. She was reminded of her sister’s wordsFrom a few months ago.‘If only you could hate that one lessAnd love […]


Every evening I sit and observePeople getting back from work,Cars and bikes rushingTo the safety of their premises.Like birds returning to their nestsAfter exploring fresh spaces. Big or small,Designed or […]


When does the debt end? At what age or point in life or after earning how much money does the debt of a parent end? What I am about to […]

Of Indifference & Love❤️

In a quest to get to the bottom of the indifference I, so frequently, see in people these days, I went back some years on the Facebook timelines of some […]

❤️What if❤️

Lately, when I sit down and ponderI consistently wonder,How different it could all have beenHad I met you at a different stage, a different scene! It is said that there […]

Of Music & Life🎹🎶

This morning I was listening to an audio book ‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama. Not only is the book absorbing, but her narration is spell- binding too. In one of her […]

⚖️Striking the Balance⚖️

We learn everyday. We learn from nearly everyone and everything around us. We are not the same person as we were yesterday. We won’t be the same as we are […]


An unmarried friend of mine used to extol the virtues of spinsterhood all the time, saying that she would never miss something she hadn’t experienced when told that she would […]

Parts of you

The things you eat, the people you meet. The places you go, your music that flows… The way you swear, the moments you care.. I have YOU stored in these […]


For as long as I can remember, I have been an atheist. I have no particular grouse with God. Life has been largely good and comfortable for me. It is […]


When I was a kid I used to find it funny when, at family gatherings to celebrate the birth of a child, all adults would gush to the beaming parents […]

🥰On Connections🥰

Human relationships are so weird. Rarely, are people satisfied with their lot in life. We have a mental checklist of what would appeal to us and what will fulfill us. […]

To be or not to be… FREE

I went to watch Kabir Singh a couple of days back and since then I have been itching to write this but have been apprehensive. I am a non-confrontational person […]

Chaos.. And the Calm!

Chaos! Chaos! Chaos! We hear the word and a visual, a mental image comes up! Something that is helter-skelter, without a set pattern, disorganised, broken, shattered, full of din, mayhem.. […]