Fare thee Well!

Posted: September 14, 2017 in Life as I see it...
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  1. Vishal Singh says:

    Nice going lubhita. You are always best when it comes to writing and this sweet poem proofs it. Only you can express deep in heart feelings in such a sweet simple and yet elegant poetic way. Very well done keep it up. Keep rocking

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  2. Vijaypalbishnoi says:

    Very nice..it reflects a lot about my little sister, that she isn’t that little any more..

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  3. Vaishali says:

    Beautiful and touching. Keep it up👍

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  4. rahuldaga89 says:

    Raw, I would say. Written out of willingness to write something ???

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  5. Shweta Jain says:

    Lubhita your freelance writing is adding feathers to your pen …….
    Beautiful poetry with explicit usage of perfect vocabulary and rhyming lines.. keep it intact

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  6. Shakti singh shekhawat says:

    Nice 👍

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