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Month: September 2017

😶Crumbling Consanguinity😷

There is this advertisement doing the rounds on television these days. It’s about home loans being offered by a bank. What I like about the ad is its story and […]

Fare thee Well!

There comes a time in each of our lives when we have to say our goodbyes to people who have been closest to us.. But there is hope and expectation that we'll meet again.. Meanwhile, there are wishes that come straight from the heart ♥

⏳Borrowed Minutes⌛

Last evening talking to a dear dear friend, I spoke a phrase "Borrowed Minutes" and it got stuck in my mind.. I normally don't rhyme but this is a fictional offering where the words just synced together to create a poem. I wanted to convey the emptiness that people feel when sons & daughters, friends & family, drift away, lured by other relationships..