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Month: September 2010

crumbling edifice

whose fault is it anywaz………

nothing is sadder than witnessing d fall of a titan…. painstakingly built,it is unnerving to c an establishment crumbling down to dust….in d figurative sense ofcourse. i sat about pondering […]


if we r born as humans we r sure to hv some qualities and some weak points…..every human has been accorded a chance to build upon whichever side he/she feels […]


i hv not gone nd thrown my sense of English to trash wid d kind of title u read…my piece today deals wid d various characters one comes across thru […]

new day

it is yet another day…optimists wud insist on it being a new day.. i on my part m glad to hv lived to c one more. it is difficult to […]

the uncertainty of life

it is indeed a difficult subject to take up right at d beginning of my blogging life but my day today led me to open my eyes to d uncertainty […]

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